May 2019 - Homes and Gardens

May 2019  - Homes and Gardens

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We all dream of living in the perfect home. What that home looks like will depend on your own personal preference, but one of the most enduring dreams is surely owning a country house. Now, that could be a huge stately pile, grand and imposing, steeped in history, or it could be a cottage, tucked away down a pretty lane, with ample blooming garden, large enough to be spacious, small enough to be manageable. While we’re in the dreaming state, let’s imagine the interior. For me, there is the farmhouse kitchen, warm, spacious, cosy, practical. For others, there is the drawing room, with its fire and settle, its well-bought furnishings. Perhaps you already have that dream home and garden? Inside our guide you will find inspiration, knowledge, guidance and style in equal measures.

From the editor

Process is paramount: transforming a dilapidated barn into a modern gallery; how to get the Country House look; Another Country, sustainable design; uncovering history at Trusloe Farmhouse; why designing a garden should not be an afterthought; the perils of misunderstanding the building process; making a feature of the greatest of gifts; inspirational ideas: Digger & Mojo; downsizing: Contemporary design meets retirement living.