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Wiltshire Life Homes and Gardens supplement

06 April 2018

​Wiltshire Life's Homes and Gardens supplement focuses on restoration and regeneration, whether that be turning a historic but water-ravaged wreck into the beautiful B&B, Prince Hill House, once a meeting place for Churchill and Eisenhower, or successfully negotiating the process of a grand residential building project.

Salisbury's inspirational dancing hares

05 February 2018

For hundreds of years, the legend of the Salisbury dancing hare captivated people in south Wiltshire. To see a hare dancing under a full moon was said to bring good fortune for the rest of your life. Salisbury’s dancing hare folklore was to inspire local artist Julieann Worrall Hood when more than two years ago she won a sculpture commission for the St Peter’s Place housing development being built by Persimmon Homes on the outskirts of the city.

Wiltshire women's fight for the right to vote

05 February 2018

In 1866, out of more than 1,500 signatures which made up the first mass women’s suffrage petition to be presented to Parliament, only three had been placed there by women from Wiltshire. Beyond the fact that two of these were teachers from Corsham we know very little about them or what motivated them as individuals, but we can say that they were the pioneers of a movement which took a long time to take root within the county, which being predominantly rural and sparsely populated, was not likely to be easily won over.

Tree planting project commemorates Wiltshire's lost soldiers

05 February 2018

One hundred years since the end of the First World War, Wiltshire is to mark the anniversary by planting thousands of living tributes. More than 100 community groups across the county have signed up to help by planting 10,000 trees around the county to mark the 10,000 soldiers who gave their lives in the conflict.

Lost treasures of Stourhead to be revealed

05 February 2018

Emily Utgren loves the idea of time travel. The gardener/arborist’s dream destination would be Stourhead in the 1700s, which would afford her a glimpse of long lost features. “I wouldn’t want to live back then, but I really like the thought of visiting. Wouldn’t it be fascinating,” beams Emily, a Stourhead employee for the last 12 years who is now working with volunteer Julia Mottershaw on preliminary research into forgotten treasures before the 10-year Genius of the Place project begins in earnest next year​.

My Wiltshire: Sebastian Salt, Director of historic W Carter and Son Jewellers

05 February 2018

Wiltshire has been my home for 39 years, all of my life, in fact. We can trace our family history back 250 years in Great Durnford, in the Woodford Valley where I was born. When Charlotte and I got married in 2016, we held our wedding at St Andrew’s church in the village and it was lovely to be able to do that. When I was young my family moved from Great Durnford to Salisbury to live in my great-great-grandparents’ home, so my memories of my time there are hazy. Probably my only clear recollection is of my brother taking me to see the great bustards on the land at the back of our house.

Marlborough: Proud to be independent

05 February 2018

There are so many ways to approach Marlborough, and even more ways to describe this unspoilt but vibrant market town. Which ever direction you do arrive from, it will involve narrow roads bending and twisting, travelling over hills and through valleys and then before you know it you are in the High Street, allegedly Britain’s second widest or one of the largest in Europe, however guide books choose to describe it, there is no doubt it is wide and spacious. Even on busy market days (Wednesday and Saturday) there is still an air of calm and room to breathe and roam.

What's on in Wiltshire in March

05 February 2018

Plan your diary for March - there is so much to do, see and take part in across the whole county. Enjoy eye-popping abstracts, thrilling adventure films or the new Genius walks at Stourhead.

Marlborough College Concert Series

08 January 2018

The concert in Marlborough will offer a new experience to a wide range of music lovers and provide a very special finale for the 2017/18 season

Marc Allum book signing

04 December 2017

BBC Antiques Roadshow specialist and author, Marc Allum will be signing copies of his new book at Digger and Mojo’s Christmas event on Saturday, December 9.