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Paint your garden with our colour chart

Head gardener Alan Power reveals how you can take Stourhead home with you and create a splash of colour in your own garden. The full article is in the November issue, out now.

My Wiltshire: Justin Hayward

The Moody Blues' frontman Justin Hayward, who wrote Nights in White Satin, remembers his Swindon roots in an interview by Geoff Ford.

Meet author Philippa Gregory

Lesley Bates meets celebrated popular author Philippa Gregory ahead of her visit to Salisbury Cathedral. WHEN, IN October 1517, German priest and theologian Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses, challenging the power of the Catholic Church in Rome, to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, it sent political and religious shock waves across Europe.

Why Warminster is out of this world

BENEATH THE chalk downland, with its abundant flora and fauna, you’ll find Warminster, which lies on the edge of the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Bromham: Eden with pumpkins

​We’re approaching the only time of year when many people think about pumpkins, not for culinary purposes but for carving out Halloween lanterns.

Marlborough, my home

I HAVE LIVED in Marlborough since 2002, but the first time I felt part of the place was at my citizenship ceremony in the town hall in 2005. I had been a British taxpayer for 18 years by that point, and in the style of my colonial countrymen, decided it was time to have a say in how they were spent. (And, by the way, I loved the place and the people.)

Why I'm not the only Viking in Ludgershall

'Vikings for all occasions, no raid too small' read the small ad on a website listing resources for the organisers of fetes. I had to find out more.

Desperately seeking biscuits and guides

A ​FEW SUNDAYS ago a ripple ran through the cathedral community after the biscuits laid out for congregational tea and coffee went walkabout, snaffled by a group of visiting Italian language students. ‘Biscuitgate’, as it has since become known, confirms the universally acknowledged truth, that no biscuit left out in the open is safe around teenagers, and the that those who ‘work’ the cathedral floor have to be prepared for literally anything.

A spotter's guide to clouds

In Britain the changing seasons, by which I mean spring and autumn, are the better ones for cloud spotting. The reason is because there’s more activity happening.

BBC’s Animal Park returns to Longleat

A brand new BBC Animal Park series from Longleat begins on Monday, July 31. Filmed at the Wiltshire estate and in Kenya, the 10-part series stars presenters Kate Humble, Ben Fogle and Jean Johansson and will be broadcast at 9.15am every weekday until August 11 on BBC1.