On Thursday 15th August, children can take part in a space themed stop-motion animation workshop and virtual realist experience at Corsham library, thanks to the local non-profit Corsham Institute.

Participants will begin by creating a storyboard to plan their space themed animation. Then, using iPads, they will create and edit stop-motion versions of their stories. Attendees will also have the chance to take part in an intergalactic virtual reality experience.

Corsham Institute is a not-for-profit organisation which works with children and adults to improve access to digital training and jobs in digital technology.

Project Manager, Olivia Wolfheart, said “We want to increase young people’s opportunities to get involved with a wide range of digital activities. When people think of computing and technology they might typically think of coding, but there are many artistic and creative opportunities out there and we want to give young people the chance to try those as well."

The event is in support of the national Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge taking place at libraries all over the country.

Kelly Fuller, Community Library Manager in Corsham, said “The team at Corsham Library, Springfield Campus, are thrilled to be partnering with Corsham Institute again this summer. Digital literacy is a key theme for Wiltshire Libraries, and we are grateful to Corsham Institute for this successful partnership.”

This is a fun and interactive event for young people age 6+ (most suitable for ages 6-12) and is free of charge. There are limited spaces so, to sign up, visit spacechaseanimation.eventbrite.co.uk or speak to Corsham Library.