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September 2019 - Discover the museums of the Cathedral Close

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Furniture-designer Matthew Burt recalls his idyllic childhood in My Wiltshire. We meet Andrew Hall who tells of his plans for Martingate and its place in promoting Corsham. Geraldine Faulkner find out how Wiltshire has become a literary hub in the wake of the Marlborough LitFest. Simon Heptinstall visits Chris Park to talk about the heritage craft of bee skeptic making. Morag Walker explores the successes of farm clusters. Gary Lawrence finds out how the Villiers Park Trust is turning the lives of teenagers around in Swindon. Chris Cole takes a look at centuries of telling the time, especially using sundials. Dean Sherwin looks at how spending time on the farm can really help your health. Dominic Bernard takes a closer look at what the Cathedral Close in Salisbury has to offer, the joy of doom in St Thomas, and we explore the rivers that meet in the city. We find out how our Carer of the Year, Lucy Dunn is battling the system for her son. Michael Marshman visits Aldbourne and Baydon.

From the editor

There is no better place to be when the sun shines than the Wiltshire countryside. But we are all fortunate to have such a wonderful and picturesque city, with its world famous cathedral. There is, of course, more to Salisbury, and although we cannot feature everything that makes the city great in one issue, we have taken the chance to visit the museums and historic houses that make up the Cathedral Close. We also feature the five rivers that famously meet in and around the city, and writing this close to the hottest day on record, what better way to cool off than to laze beside one of the meandering chalk streams as you watch the world go by.